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Kabata Hostel
NEW location:
Downtown San Jose!!!
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Paseo Colon, from Toyota 150 North
St.36 Av. 1-3
Downtown San Jose


From US & Canada:
(305) 848-2349









Adventure Tours

Why stay somewhere else, if you can stay at Kabata Hostel, where YOU can get FREE INFORMATION to help YOU plan your trip around Costa Rica?

  • Maybe you know which places to visit, but you don't know how to arrange the trip in a smooth flowing, seamless and economic way...
  • It could be that you don't know what to do or how to organize your tour because you have a short vacation time, and you don't know what is possible to do...
  • Or you might not have any idea at all what to do in your next adventure in Costa Rica...

We Organize your trip FREE of charge, with all the know-how and tips we use in Our Tours. We can suggest one of Our many proven and tested tours around Costa Rica, or we can help you design your own adventure taking in consideration your preferences, available time, style of travel and most important, your budget!!!

Don't think twice and, before you travel, feel free to contact Us by email to plan together your next vacation to Costa Rica... but, if you just show here at Kabata Hostel, we can still help you plan your trip at the last minute!!!

We'll give you the best advice as to where to go and what to do in this beautiful country, because we are involved in adventure activities, tours and expeditions all over the country. If you have no idea at all or you are not quite sure what to do, we can help you organize your trip around Costa Rica, with the tips we use in our tours, as well as finding good prices for rented cars, hotels and booking your tours. We also have our own expedition and adventure tours company called Outdoor Adventures. We have tours and adventures all over the country, that take you off the beaten path, with the level of activity and comfort you choose, ranging from backpacking in the jungle, to a nice 4x4 with air conditioning, visiting famous places like Tortuguero, Arenal Volcano and Monteverde, and of course the beautiful beaches that we have!!!

We can also arrange a tour to the destination you want, or make a mix of several places into one special and unforgettable trip.

You can check www.outdooradventures.cr for more information.