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Kabata Hostel - Downtown San Jose - Costa Rica

Welcome to Kabata Hostel!!! Your best option in Costa Rica!!!

Why stay somewhere else, if you can stay at Kabata Hostel, where YOU can get FREE INFORMATION to help YOU plan your trip around Costa Rica?

Check Maybe you know which places to visit, but you don't know how to arrange the trip in a smooth flowing, seamless and economic way...
Check It could be that you don't know what to do or how to organize your tour because you have a short vacation time, and you don't know what is possible to do...
Check Or you might not have any idea at all what to do in your next adventure in Costa Rica...

How to Get Here

Kabata Hostel Address

Downtown San Jose.
Paseo Colon, from Toyota 75 meters North
St.36 Av. 1-3
Downtown San Jose
Phone 2283-2000 - 2255-0355 - 2255-3264


  1. We can go and pick you up at the airport, just outside, when you pass customs. We need to know:

    Estimated Arrival Time:
    Flight Number:
    Luggage: Normal - Lots/Heavy - Surf boards

    We will be there with the hostel logo sign, so it will be easy for you to find us. It will be a pleasure to go and find you at the airport!!! The cost is: for 1 to 3 persons: $20; 4 or more: $25.

  2. Or if you prefer, you just pick the Orange Airport Taxis: Taxi Aeropuerto. The cost of this service is $25. There is a little ticket office just outside the main door of the airport, just when you pass customs. In there you need to buy the ticket, and tell them that you have a hostel reservation and are going to:

    ----[ Kabata Hostel
    ----[ Downtown San Jose, Paseo Colon, de la Toyota 75 metros Norte, Calle 36 Avenida 1-3
    ----[ Phone 2283-2000 - 2255-0355 - 2255-3264

  3. The taxis authorized by the government are Red, with Yellow Triangles on the doors. They must use the Maria meter to calculate the fare. For long trips you need to negotiate the fee. You can ask different cabs to check which one is better. If you want to take one of those Red Taxis, just give the hostel address.

  4. In Downtown San Jose, walk West in Central Avenue, as it turns into Paseo Colon. You will find Toyota dealer. From Toyota, just walk one and a half blocks North and you will find Kabata Hostel, black gate on your right side, . This is Street 36 with Avenue 1 and 3.

We are waiting for you. Don't belive if the taxi driver seems to make a call and tell you that we are full or something like that. Just take another taxi. Also some taxi drivers are stolen clients, so they offer to take you to our hostel and take you to other place, so that is why we recommend that you take our service.

The normal scam is they offer to help you, asking where you go, then they dial the phone number of someone helping them, saying that they are calling the hostel and give you the phone. So when you asked about the transportation or the reservation you have they say that didn`t received anything, so your next question is if at least they have space and off course the answer is no. At that time when you make the angry face of deception, the person doing the scam says to you 'Don`t worry.. we will find you a place'

In the case you think that you are lost, just call us 2283-2000 or 2255-0355 or 2255-3264 and it will be a pleasure to help.

Thank you for staying with us at Kabata Hostel and discover Costa Rica, and all that makes this little country wonderful! Pura Vida!!!


Paseo Colon, de la Toyota 75 metros Norte, Calle 36, Avenida 1 - 3.

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